My Artwork for a Skincare Business

Here I’ll show some example artwork I did for a skincare product business.

I specialize in cartoon character style art, which is what this brand asked for, but I also changed this style to be a bit more simple and graphic than I usually draw. The style I was going for; cute, colorful and simple.

These illustrations were used mainly for marketing. Illustrated posts for Social Media, attached to Newsletters, showcased Blog Posts and printed on product packaging.

This illustration below needed an athlete woman character applying the product (muscle relief lotion stick). Kept it simple and “line-arty.” I picked the product’s main blue colors and decided on a ballerina for the athlete:


This next illustration was used for answering commonly asked skincare questions, either posted on the business’s Social Media or used on their website for customers to find easily.


I created this even more simple design for a goat soap box. I was limited to only using two colors on this project; green and yellow. I had a lot of fun drawing this cute goat enjoying her bath:


With smaller projects, I did all kinds of little artwork pieces for icons. While creating these, I kept in mind the colors of the brand’s logo and made sure it was easy to see from afar.


More illustrations showing the products in use. Hair care, winter lipstick, facial soap.




Author: artbynoelle