Noëlle A. Harris

Whether you need professional graphic work to full-colored illustrations, you can check out my gallery to see if my style fits what you're looking for. I have my blog for behind the scenes looks, step-by-step on how I work with clients, visual creative ideas, learning/documentation of past projects, and more in full process.

About me:

Since a very young age I had an interest and love for art. From a girl who grew up with six brothers and two sisters, I was inspired to create my own unique talents along with my siblings'. I usually picked anything that was inspiring to me and drew it. Including passions like training horses to where I constantly drew for my documented learning as I gained skills in horsemanship.

I LOVE stories.
Working for other businesses, being a part of telling their stories and selling through the art of illustration, has been such a passion. With a story to tell, I love bringing it to life in a visual way!