Artwork Comics To Sell And A Company’s Story (Horse Training)

Client: “We feel that, with the right vision and message, art & illustration can provide unique opportunities to story-tell in ways that photo or video alone can’t provide. We want to use silly or witty comics and artwork to communicate different elements of our philosophy and message, with several recognizable characters who appear in social media posts, illustrations, etc.; acting out different scenarios that are relatable to horse owners and trainers.”

This project was by far a fun one to work on. Each illustration was creative and told a story. A visual way to help communicate the education being sold to the company’s clients.

My client gave me a list of illustration ideas they wanted for their business. All of this they had in mind to use for Social Media marketing, books, lessons, podcast episodes covers, and more. Having a very entrepreneur mindset, they had a number of creative ideas involving ways of presenting their business in the horse training industry.

A list of 12 piece illustrations and the stories behind them:

PDF 12 Rules for Horsemanship

Example comic panel artwork pieces for the project:



“Before you adopt a horse from a rescue, assume it ended up there for good reason. This is an important one, about finding the right horse for the right purpose, and not trying to go the cheap route or get blinded by emotion and ideology, unless you fully understand what you’re getting into.”


“Treat your horse like a teammate, not like your child. This rule is about having the right perspective and outlook on what our relationship with our horse should be. We should regard our horses as working partners/friends, but not become overly emotionally invested to the point where we become ineffective and incapable of real leadership or discipline.”


“Compare today’s ride to the ride you had yesterday, not to how someone else is riding today”.


“Clean your stall before you criticize the horse industry. This one is about taking care of our immediate priorities, and not criticizing the flaws in others while we ourselves are in disarray.”


“Give your horse affection when he least expects it. This one is about rewarding your horse correctly, encouraging positive behaviors and loving on your horse in the correct doses, so you don’t create bad habits.”


Author: artbynoelle