Don’t Be A Copy Machine, Be A Shape Shifter

A lesson I’ve learned as I’m going through Aaron Blaise’s courses.

I want to avoid drawing the same character over and over again. You know how some artists will draw different characters, but something in their characters all looks and feel the same? I don’t want that. I don’t want to feel like a “copy machine.” I want to be able to draw as many different characters, features, personalities, types, etc.

A good practice Aaron Blaise does to overcome this is he gets used to introducing more shapes into his characters. In one of his character design videos, he demonstrates this by drawing different shapes to bring out more variety in his characters. In this particular video course, he drew just faces. Whether they were tall, lanky awkward-looking dudes, to sweet little grandmas. He can do it and change it up with shapes to bring out that specific character trait. He stretched from just using basic anatomy of how a typical head should look to really bringing out certain shapes and features.

So I practiced doing the same by sketching different face shapes and characters. From old to young, skinny to fat, tired grumpy to excited, happy, Lumber Jack Joe to Business Woman Caryn, whatever it may be. I try to mix it up and see where it gets me!

Author: artbynoelle