“Don’t study just one, learn from many”

Don’t study just one, learn from many” is a ‘Lil motto I like to keep in mind when I study under other artists. You’ll never be exactly your favorite artist. I’ve noticed every artist has their unique style, their strengths, and week points (It’s like a personality!). So I like to have many to learn and study from. I have a selected few artists I always look to and try to adapt to individual skills to build into my style. But I also have all sorts of just artwork pieces piled high that catch my eye and inspire the next idea~

So to quickly shoutout only two of my favorite artists, check out Aaron Blaise and Marco Bucci! 

(Former Disney artist).

Aaron Blaise is a long-time favorite and probably most like the style I only dream to come close to. His strongest abilities/skills show through his knowledge and understanding of anatomy and character design the most. I die over his work every time. I’ve been taking his art classes online for a while and especially love his character courses. 

His site/store:

https://creatureartteacher.com (courses taught by him plus others. Animation, character design, fundamentals, and so much more. Definitely worth paying for).

(Freelance artist)

Marco Bucci is just an outstanding artist! I’d say his strongest skills show in his ability to capture moods, his traditional paint-like feel he brings to his digital pieces, and his style in telling a story in every piece is inspiring to me. His work I find myself staring at a long time and can make me happy or sad with his artistic-no wait… Jedi-like Power powerful skills! His knowledge seems endless~

All of this, he teaches online as well (-not to mention he’s a great teacher/speaker and has a funny personality). He has a lot of free lesson videos as well as paid courses. One series of free short videos he does:  


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