Learning An Abstract Technique

Here we are, talking about shapes again! 

In a video taught by Marco Bucci (one of the artists I love to study), he shows how to use shapes in like a jigsaw puzzle way. 

For one example, let’s say I was painting something as simple as a fence or pillars of a building. I could outline and fill in that fence shape as a solid color or I could make a contrast background that brings out the fence shape;

OR I could use Marco’s technique;

Using abstract shapes of all different sizes and values. Either as a background to contrast but with more shapes and values than just a solid color/one tone. Whether realistically, fundamentally, or artistic creativity, it’s a trick to bring it out more. “Power of abstract”~

Even using this shape technique, I can create what Marco calls a “lost and found game”. Using the shapes to bring out certain details or fade into others so the focus isn’t on those points but rather what you want to be more important/main focus. Using a shape to overlap or hide behind others is also a great trick to bring out more whatever you want! 

Author: artbynoelle