Podcast Logo

This project is a good example of working with a client. They are a horse training facility/program that needed a logo for their new podcast.
Understanding the podcast:
Client: “The goal of this podcast is to really dive deep into different training programs, strategies, theory, and problem-solving. The topics will range from the very basics to the finished product.”
Generally speaking, most people looking for an artist don’t always have the exact idea down of what they would like, that’s a big part of my job to help them come up with that as well as creating the work.
Client: “I really don’t have a great mental picture for what I’m looking for. I’m kind of thinking something of a combination of horsemanship meets Navy SEALS. I’m looking for kind of a nitty-gritty tactical feel if that makes sense.”
I wrote key words down along with a couple of notes to get me in the right feel. Words like “nitty-gritty”, “tactical”, and other descriptions they gave me. The more information, the easier it is to get into their head. They wanted a good work ethic feel in it, tough, with a big side of NAVY SEALS.
Here are some of the ideas put out that I could take and play around with:
Client: “In SEAL training in the beginning, when candidates go through BUDS, they wear white t-shirts, and a helmet with their last name taped on the front/back of it. Maybe a dirty sweaty horse doing some sort of BUDS exercise like carrying a big log in the arena with a white shirt and trident on the sleeve, Big Red on his helmet, and a Tactical Horse Training banner on the fence in the background.”
With the ideas he gave me, I started sketching on paper before working straight to digital. This way, I go by working with rough drafts of what the logo could look like without putting too much work into it in case I didn’t get what my client was asking for. This often results in having to restart or make big changes that are costly and not always fun (that would be my mistake). If needed, I can easily scratch the sketches and come back with more, that way my client also has a better visual idea closer to what he’s looking for. I should do it quickly so I don’t do overtime on it (which is often my problem), but keep it visual and clean enough to present.
So here are the first set of sketches I created (with notes):

All of these resembling cartoonish feel to it, which is what I had in my head, that being my main style and had worked with this client many times in the past, was what they usually wanted. Although this is not exactly what my client had in mind. But we were able to come up with more ideas, even some ideas taken from these drafted sketches, and I was able to convert to digital after pitching more drafts.
Example of one of the ideas:

We shared other logos examples and I pitched ideas creating simple put-togethers. I made a horse and put a mic inside a circular logo and that’s what hit the spot! We then came up with ways of bringing the SEALS feel in it by having a similar font, discussed colors, and more.  I recreated the SEALS symbol, but for copyright reasons, we decided to come up with something else; and that was replaced by a saying among the SEALS, three letters in quotations- “BTF”.

A few more changes like the mic looking more like a mic and lettering placement, and we had a fit!
Here is the final product:

Example product prints:

Author: artbynoelle