Trojans Tennis Team Logo

Logo design for a high school tennis team:

Here I show the process as I work with this client on their logo…

Usually, clients don’t know exactly what they want. This is the job for me as the artist to get creative and figure out what kind of logo they want for their company (or tennis team).

Client: “Our mascot is the Trojans, and I would like to relate that to tennis. I am not quite sure how that would work, but maybe something with a Trojan type guy serving a tennis ball? Here are our old logo and a picture of a guy serving in tennis.”Here, I’ll show the process as I work with this client on their logo.

Old Logo:

Tennis server:

What I like best is when the client gives me as much detail, ideas, and reference pictures as possible because it helps me get into their head.

I’d make sure the resolution/quality and size fits what they need, offer to showcase it on products or clothing and discuss revisions and rough drafts.


This was the first set of rough draft sketches I did on paper to get a few different ideas started, which I presented to my client.

Me “1. I created the tennis ball and the trojan shadow behind it. It could be depicted as a banner type logo, or it can be on its own. I liked the trojan/greek like font theme, so I put that in all of them~

2. Then I have a shield with the ‘T’ from the net to represent T-rojans with the ‘O’ as the ball.

3. And finally, I have the bottom left. This one I really like because there’s a figure serving, and I was able to make a Trojan helmet out of his motion for a creative touch.”
If he didn’t feel like any of these fit or had other ideas, I would get some more info and create another set of idea sketches. But he liked the last one I presented, so from there, we went back and forth a few times as I perfected and changed it around till it became the final fitting logo.

Outline sketch:

I worked with the tennis team’s colors (-black and purple) and played around with the background, which I presented to the client.

My thought process for this one was that I wanted to keep it clear and simple while combining the trojan helmet and tennis into one. I admired another logo for a golf club that was so creatively done:

Because this logo had both a figure swinging a golf club and a silhouetting Spartan head/helmet (after its name the Spartans), I liked the idea of having the figure within the helmet, so that’s the idea I “stole” from this amazing logo design.

The Final Logo:

Author: artbynoelle